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 (第一次門戸開放通牒の政策目的再考) (翻訳:安倍政権の消極的平和主義)
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50 Years of Electoral College Maps: How the U.S. Turned Red and Blue (US Presidential Election Results) (Atlas of US presidential elections) (RealClear Politics) (Politico)新書発売日) (Biglobe fax) (Predatory Publishers) (Grants研究助成) (facebook) (団体名英語表記) (abbreviations)
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Korean Studies (Japanese Journal of Political Science) (J. of Big Data) (Artificial Intelligence (国際政治) (Contemporary Japan) (J. of East Asian History 7000-10000 words) (Review of International Studies, 9000-12000 words) (Review of International Affairs 9000 words) Asian Survey (7000-9000 words) (SAIS Review: 5000-7000 words)  The Journal of American-East Asian Relations (8000-10000 words) The Journal of Japanese Studies (International Journal of Asian Studies)  ( J. of International and Advanced Japanese Studies 7000 words) (J. of international and global studies 8000 words) (Contemporary Japan 8000 words) (European J. of East Asian Studies 10000 words) (Harvard Asian Quarterly) (Cross Currents) (Japanese J. of Political Science 7000-10000 words) (International Journal)

(Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health)  (Journal of East Asian Studies 10000 words) (Journal of East Asian Studies)
 (The Pacific Review 10000 words) JOURNAL OF JAPANESE STUDIES (E. J. of contemporary Japanese studies) (Monumenta Nipponica) (Pacific Affairs 8000-9000 words) History-Journals Guide)   (社会政策研究:雑誌) (Critical Asian Studies) (Social Work in Public Health (Social History of Medicine  9500 words) (Journal of Social History  no limit, 20-30 pages) (Modern Asian Studies  no limit) (Food Policy, 6000-10000 words) (Journal of Social Policy  5000-8000 words) (Health Economics, Policy and Law 6000-8000 words) (Bulletin of SOAS 12000 words) (Bulletin of SOAS 12000 words) (International Journal of Asian Studies 12000 words) (International Journal of Asian Studies 12000 words) (Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (no limit)) (Social Policy and Society (5000 words) (Asian Studies Review 8000-10000 words) (Japan Forum 10000 words) (Asian Perspective 8000 words) (International Security 15000 words) (Review of World Economics) (Japan Studies Review) (Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, no limit) (Journal of Asian Studies) (Japanese Studies) (Social Science Japan Journal) (The Journal of Japanese Studies : 13000 words) (Harvard Asia Pacific Review) (Asia-Pacific Review 10000 words) (Asian Affairs 5000-7000 words) (Asian Affairs: An American Review ??) (Asian J. of Political Science 6000-10000 words) (Asian Security 7000-12000 words [guest special issues]) (Asian Studies Review 8000-1000 0 words) (Critical Asian Studies)紀要全文)
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現代の理論) 「American Diplomacy (International Organization) (Asian Medicine) (J. of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences (Orbis 7500 words) (Contemporary Japan 8000 words) (同志社アメリカ研究) (The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia) (Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies 10000 words) (Stanford Journal of East Asian Affairs:  4000-8000 words) (悪ジャーナルリスト) (International Relations of the Asia-Pacific: 6000-10000 words) (Japanese Journal of Political Science: 7000-10000 words) (East Asia 30p) (American Diplomacy (国際政治) (J. of Contemporary Asia) (防衛研究所紀要) (The Diplomat)


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